Moss Before & Afters!

Some before & afters from the shop using Chalk Paint! I mixed Antibes, Louis Blue and Provence to create a minty green colour which I am now obsessed with!! The top of the plant table had a metal square inlay running around the top which I kept covered with the magic Frog Tape (Available in your local hardware store) it's way better than masking tape so get your hands on some. I waited till I even had it waxed till I took it off and the metal looked perfect! Originally I was going to keep the wooden doorknob but decided that the white and gold would just give it a slightly more contemporary feel, they are also my favourite ones! Top tip when you're mixing paint is to use a lunch box as it has resealable sides and always mix more than you think you will need as re-mixing to find that colour is nearly impossible! Any other questions give me a shout

Let’s Talk Pinterest


When it comes to Pinterest, I think, there are three distinct camps.

Camp 1. 
You know all about Pinterest. You’ve got a profile and you pin away to your hearts content. It’s the place you find all your latest recipes and the inspiration for your crafty weekend projects. In short, you LOVE to Pin. 

Camp 2.
You’ve heard of it. It seems like a good idea. You feel like you should really get around to signing up for it one of these days.

Camp 3.
What? Pin-ter-who? What does it do? Why are all these little Ps showing up on images online?