1. Keep it Light! 
In both content and length. If I see a post with an essay attached to it I generally keep scrolling! Keep it conversational, that way your customer won't feel like they can't comment on your post.

2. Photography.
No excuses folks, with apps like Instagram and Polamatic (the list goes on) you don't need to be a professional to take a cute photo! Vary your shots from product photography, close ups to wide shots. This keeps it interesting for both yourself and your follower!

3. Time you post.
A good way to gauge this is when do you check Facebook? Commuting, lunchtime, 3pm 'slump' and before bed? You'll find out pretty quickly what will work for you and your customer by the feedback you receive and when.

4. Varied Posts.
This can be a handy way of sharing other social media platforms you are on. Sharing links to other pages, websites or blogs you enjoy. Also quick posts to update customers on your news without using photography or links just text. Depending on the 'Likes', comments and shares you receive you will soon find out which type of post your customer prefers but you can also see under each post which receives the furtherest reach.

5.Respond to Customers.
Whether its a private message or a comment your follower has taken the time to write you a message so you can either write a message back or just 'like' their comment. Do make sure to get back to them that day though so if you can can't check it can be helpful if there is someone else appointed as an admin on your account.

Do you use facebook to communicate with your customers or for your small business? 
Have you got any top tips you’d like to share with us in the comments? Please chime in! 

June 06, 2014 by Jen Cleary

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