Mirror Mirror Makeover!

Posted: Aug 05 2015

Can I paint dark wood? Is a question I'm asked at least once a day and when I say 'Yes' and you don't have to sand I often get a raised eyebrow response but here's some photographic evidence!!! When you're giving something a paint makeover don't mind what it's made of because Chalk Paint pretty much covers everything! Just look at the shape, this mirror has a gorgeous shape to it but really dodgy fake looking wood. Painted a block colour really makes it look so much better and even more expensive I think. Mirrors like these can be picked up in charity shops, auctions or even done deal! This beauty is going to be hung on a wall and won't be touched so you don't even have to wax if you don't want to! Completion time for x2 coats of paint 45mins including time to pop tape around the edges which we recommend you take off when the paint is still wet to avoid cracking. If you do get paint on the mirror just use a wet cloth or cleaning wipe to remove and voila!


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