You hear their names but haven't a clue who they were other than they were a designer years ago, have lots of chairs named after them and if you find an original you're preeeetty lucky! So with this in mind every few weeks we are going to take a look at a new/old designer & with an easy to read brief bio and a ridiculous amount of photos from our Pinterest pages. Take a peek at some of the legends still shaping todays interiors and furniture design.

Eero Saarinen.

First on the list as I am lusting after a table of his for my new place! Thankfully Ikea are all over this and have copies.


Born in Finland in 1910 he moved to America when he was a teenager. His father was a teacher in an art school and he attended classes there in sculpture and architecture alongside Charles and Ray Eames (other famous designers that we will chat about next week). After more study in Paris and Yale he taught with his father in the art school Cranbrook Academy of Art. It was here that he designed the Tulip chair with his friend Charles Eames.

Over the years he designed some stunning buildings too including theTWA flight Centre in New York.


He was pretty cool and I think his designs are pretty timeless like all great design. Other people must agree as you will most likely have owned or seen his designs without realising where they came from. 

Here's more of his wonderful designs if you want more info on him try Wikipedia or there are some gorgeous design books on Amazon if like me you're a collector!


He also had jobs creating drawings for bomb disassembly manuals and even helping in the design of the situation room in the white house. As you do!



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