Organising Books

Posted: Jul 22 2015

I just moved house and am very excited to re-organise and style up my new place! One of the first things I unpacked was my Art & Travel books. I did this for 2 reasons, first they were taking up lots of space on the floor and second it is really easy to just empty the bags (I used shopping bags to move them as I found it easier to carry!) and pop them on shelves! Then I had to decide which way to style them obvs. Let me know which you prefer, stacked in a tower or side by side! 


I was lucky enough that the new place I'm renting which is a studio but has it's own front door and wait for it...a garden, has lots of fitted shelving so while I was moving boxes in I just chucked the books, literally on the shelves so I could start taking out the empty bags and boxes!
First option was to stack them which looked cool but space wise it takes up alot of it! And being that I'm in a studio though it is large I need to be savy with my storage! Onto the next option.
Which was to keep them colour coded but side by side freeing up other shelves for lots more of my stuff! Which I have alot of! More storage & styling ideas coming soon! Jen x

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