Top Tips for Packing when Moving!

Posted: Jul 17 2015

I have alot of experience when it comes to moving apartment/house/flat/country! I have done it all so as I start the packing process again here are some Top Tips that you will find really helpful. Some more obvious than others but if you follow these few tips it will seriously cut your stress levels!

- Start Early! 

Items that can be packed early include Christmas Decorations, extra bedding, books and those kitchen utensils & gadgets you never use. I find cling film to be very useful for these kind of products as if they have different parts and attachments, put it all together as neatly as you can and wrap cling film around it. That way you won't lose anything important!


- Label Everything.

Sounds obvious but make sure you write exactly what is in the box you're packing on the outside. If you put a room name on it too that can quicken the process of deciding where boxes go when you arrive at your new abode. Make sure to pack boxes safely too. Reinforcing the base with duck tape may not be a bad idea and check if you can lift the box too! For heavier items like books I use the heavy reuseable bags from supermarkets as they have strong handles and won't break under the pressure. You also won't be able to overload a bag either.

- Very Important box.

This box will contain items like your passport, birth cert, important bills, jewellery, photo albums etc. This box will not be going with the removal van if you're using one but will go with you as it's too important to let out of your sight. Also if you're renting make sure to keep a record (I take photos too) of how you left your apartment. You don't want a landlord saying it was in such bad shape that they will be keeping your deposit! I think it's nice to give it a quick clean before you go as it's good karma for the next person but also it gives you time to have a good look in each room/press to make sure nothing was left behind. Speaking of which don't forget the attic and shed!


- Pack a suitcase.

Yep, pretend you're going away for 4 days. (I find the first 4 days the most stressful) that way you won't have to think about what you will be wearing or go looking for it either. Make sure to include toiletries and a hair-dryer (this I have misplaced every time) Also you will be need towels too. Organising food for the first few days is a good idea too. The last thing you want to face is a food shop and take away after the third one just doesn't taste so good! If you have helpers I recommend keeping a good stock of wine/beer/Chocolate as a thank you! You will also want to keep the following in your 'we just moved' box, corkscrew, kettle, toilet roll, phone charger, bin bags, light bulbs, batteries, headache tablets, candles. Trust me you will be very thankful you don't have to search through endless boxes for these key items! Best of luck moving! Jen x



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  • Posted by Marie on July 18, 2015

    This post {via FB} came at a perfect time for me. Some things so obvious, when you see it in print!! Like the suggestion of packing a bag for 4 day trip.

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