Crafty Fox Kit!

Posted: Jun 10 2015

We have been dying to give the Pippa Blue Irish sewing kits a go ourselves so this past weekend we did! We tried the Mr Pocket one -a very stylish fox sewing kit. All sewing we did by hand and was completed by the lovely Silvia who is amazing on a sewing machine but admits was a complete beginner with hand sewing. So no crafty skills? Don't worry they recommend ages over 10 years but I guess that depends on the mad skills of the individual. The instructions were very helpful & there are pictures which I always like :)



Everything you will need is included in the kit minus a needle, scissors and thread. These are all for safety reasons but easily picked up. We ended up using grey thread for the whole project but if you wanted to be super perfect you could colour co-ordinate (but life's too short for that jazz in the cottage)



The kit provides templates for everything so all you have to do is cut out the templates then pin them to the material provided and cut accordingly. There is lots of fabric provided so don't be worried about cutting them too small. General I would always leave an extra 1cm minimum when I'm sewing as you can always cut it smaller afterwards but it gives you a bit of a back up if you mess up anything.



I always think that when you're doing a project like this it will work in your favour if you're super organised and lay out all the pieces you're going to use neatly that way you won't loose anything or miss a step either!



Don't be too worried about your stitching. A simple running stitch is perfect just go back on yourself for the first one so it's secured and if you have any questions about stitching there are tons of video's on You Tube! This is a priceless resource and will save you heaps of time too!



There is even a chopstick in the kit to help you stuff the filling in evenly. I found sometimes you may have to tease it apart a little bit just so it's nice and even for the whole piece.




For us this was a tricky par. When you are going to sew up the side and then turn it insode out. Fold all the limbs in across the chest then put the other side on top of the front of the fox bearing in mind that you will be turning it inside out !




And voila it really wasn't that difficult afterall! But if you haven't done it before it can be a lil scary but just  go for it, keeping in mind it can all be fixed if needs be and enjoy it we had so much fun. We ended up putting the eyes quite high up but we feel it gives him character!



Our finsihed Mr Pocket! And you still have the templates so if you have some clothing you would like to recycle you could always make another.



We're now hooked so expect more finished pieces popping up on Facebook & Instagram!

Jen & Silvia


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