So we tried out the rollers!

Posted: Jun 05 2015

Today we tried out the patterned rollers & we looove them. However I have got to find more furniture asap! Here's some pics to show you how we got on!


Here in moss cottage we pride ourselves on the high tech tools that we our cardboard tray will be available to purchase if required! ;) No need for fancy trays that you know you will never clean properly & will end up in the bin! You just need a flat surface that you can use to spread the paint evenly onto the roller. Make sure not to put too much on either or you'll end up with a hot mess! Clip in the roller with the pattern you like and then roll it to cover the raised area with Chalk Paint then go for it!



Ta dah! the foam roller is now sufficiently covered but again not too heavy or it will drip everywhere.



Start at the top and work downwards. On the side of each roller are markers that are very useful when lining up the edges if you're doing a large space.

Just remember it's only paint, enjoy it & if you make any mistakes they can all be fixed! We found them loads of fun & dying to try out different colour combinations now!!! Any questions give us a shout! No doubt I will pop up more images on our Instagram page.




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  • Posted by Mairead on June 06, 2015

    Love this!

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