Today's piece we stenciled and distressed was inspired by Frida Kahlo! So lots of colour, stencils and waxed to finish! Be prepared for more gorgeous colour and stenciling to come!.......

To begin we were repainting a table that I had previously painted Arles then Scandinavian Pink finished with clear & dark wax. So yes you can paint over items that you have already waxed! We did the first coat in Antibes a gorgeous vivid green, then we topped it with Napoleonic Blue which was then finished in clear wax. I always prefer to put the clear wax on before stenciling because if you stencil and then decide you need to move the image or aren't happy with colours etc you can use a cleaning wipe to just wipe it off and start again! It also lets you use frog tape to hold the stencil in place which I find if you haven;t waxed can sometimes leave a little residue on the chalk paint making it. So for more options and to make life easier I wax it first!


We applied the Antibes in the morning and the Napoleonic Blue in the evening. *When it came to the sanding afterwards we realised we should have applied x2 coats of green but it depends on the look you're trying to achieve!


We used Emperor Silk and Florence for the Rose stencil.


After we finished the stencil and used clear wax we then used a hammer to knock chunks out of it -literally! Not as much of the Antibes came through as I would of liked but I think the Scandinavian Pink and Arles looks cool! I haven't decided if I'm going to put dark wax over it yet! I'll think about that tomorrow! And I really would like to do a repeat pattern using this rose stencil! To clean the stencil I used a cleaning wipe while it was still wet as it's easier and it's ready to go again.

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