So the new Annie Sloan stencils arrived so obviously I have been dying to try them on Everything! The first project was on a bedside cabinet which we used Primer Red (a colour I haven't used enough), Country Grey and clear & dark wax. We took lots of photos to show you how we did it but any questions give me a shout!



The cabinet was originally Old Violet & Florence and the plan was to paint it Pure White with a geometric stencil but then we changed our mind after first coat!


Primer Red isn't a colour I'm usually drawn to but I really want an example of each colour in the shop so people can choose what they want with a decent example! We matched it up with Country Grey to show off the stencil, and dark wax looks lovely over it!



Top Tip! Frog Tape! It's masking tapes stronger cooler cousin! I bought it in Woodies in Carrickmines but I presume you can pick it up in most hardware stores. Just tape off any areas you need to and take it off before the coat is totally dry.



Another Top Tip! To keep the hole clear when you take the old doorknob off -flatten a straw, then fold in half and put it through the doorknob hole to stop paint blocking it! Less hassle when you want to pop the new one on.

We didn't have a doorknob in stock that suited the rustic style we were going for so we took a handle that had a cool shape and then painted it and used dark wax on it.



Painting Time! We gave the bedside cabinet x2 coats of Primer Red & painted the inside and legs Country Grey also x2 coats. Then we used clear wax on them and sanded back the corners to create the rustic look. Then it was stencil time!


We just held the stencil in place but if you have already waxed you can use frog tape to hold it in place and it won't leave a residue or mark on the paint. We used a Martha Stewart foam stencil roller to apply the Chalk Paint (both available in Moss Cottage). If you apply the stencil and decide you don't like it you can actually wipe it off and start again. So waxing it before stenciling can be really useful and less tricky when applying stencils.



Then we used a brush and cloth to apply the dark wax to complete the rustic look!



Then add doorknob and you're done! We did this all in 1 day but we normally recommend you paint first day and wax the second. I find if you're using dark wax it will forgive anything so you could give it a go and finish it in 1 day!!! It's soo easy so much fun, loving the stencils. On Monday I'm doing a cute lil table in Antibes, Napoleonic blue and Emperor Silk rose stencil! Delish!






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