How to make... YES Bunting!!!...

Posted: Apr 25 2015

Here's an easy peasy step by step How to Make... Yes Bunting! Very useful to decorate your business, home, car, plane whatever takes your fancy! 

What you will need;

Scissors (careful kids those things are sharp)

Twine or Ribbon

Hole punch

Vote Yes leaflets!


Step 1. Use the hole punch to pop holes in the top two corners of said leaflet.

Step 2. Thread your string or Ribbon through the holes.

Step 3. Hang your gorgeous homemade Vote YES bunting up.


You're officially a crafty fox with mad skills! Any queries give me a shout on our 24 hr bunting making hotline (I'm actually only here from 10-6pm but you can always leave a message)  Jen xxx

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