When it comes to Pinterest, I think, there are three distinct camps.

Camp 1. 
You know all about Pinterest. You’ve got a profile and you pin away to your hearts content. It’s the place you find all your latest recipes and the inspiration for your crafty weekend projects. In short, you LOVE to Pin. 

Camp 2.
You’ve heard of it. It seems like a good idea. You feel like you should really get around to signing up for it one of these days.

Camp 3.
What? Pin-ter-who? What does it do? Why are all these little Ps showing up on images online? 

All of us at MC HQ live in Camp 1. We are straight-up addicted to Pinterest and we think you should be too. Where else are you going to find incredible DIY projects, delicious recipes, stunning photography, impeccable style inspiration and endless pretty things to scroll through…all under one roof?!? 

Of course, all this inspiration at the tips of our fingers can get a little dangerous. For one, it’s completely addictive. Pinning before bed may lead to lying awake, scrolling through your phone for hours on end (consider this your warning!). There is the risk of falling down the rabbit hole of ‘pretty’ and coming out believing everything around you isn’t quite up to scratch.

But, used correctly (like any DIY tool), and with a realistic mindset,  Pinterest can be an incredible asset. It’s like a visual google (but with only pretty picture results) and chances are if you”re hoping to knock out a DIY something-or-other, someone on Pinterest has not only done it already, but also photographed it, written a detailed How-To and uploaded it for the world to see. Handy, right? 

So whether you’re planning on planting a garden, dreaming of your someday-home, throwing a big party, organising your most special day or simply trying to get dinner on the table there is something for you on Pinterest. There is something for everyone on Pinterest. And its free! The internet is amazing! Imagine all the pritt sticks you’d go through trying to make scrapbooks of all the things you can so easily ‘Pin’ online? The modern age, it’s simply baffling. 

Don’t just take our word for it though…sign up for yourself and get started! You’ll be sorry it took you so long. 

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All images above are found on our Summer Party board, we think it’s never too early to start dreaming about sunny days and cold drinks ;) 

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