Create a beautiful decorative display at your wedding or party with these stunning lace like balloon decorations. Easy, cheap and quick are rarely words used when it comes to wedding planning but these big impact decorations tick all three boxes. Let’s get started.

You Will Need:

  • Twine/Lace/Doiliesfor results like the photo above use a mix of all three
  • Latex Balloons
  • Paint…if you want to go metallic or neon we recommend spray paint…but for vintage-like pastels there’s nothing better than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Good ole PVA glue, feel free to add a little water to thin it out. 

How To:

  1. Blow your balloons up to various sizes. Try clustering them together until you’re happy with the number and size of the arrangement. Work one balloon and material at a time.
  2. Start by spreading a little glue on a section of your balloon, stick the end of the twine here. Wrap it around the balloon, glueing as you go. You might find it easier to wrap and then spread with glue or glue first and then wrap…there are no rules here!
  3. When you have build up layers of twine and there are no big patches of empty balloon left leave it to dry balancing in a cup or on a tray. 
  4. Once it’s dry paint, cover with glitter, spray or embellish further. We love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this because it goes on easily over the shiny gluey surface, dries quickly and rarely needs two coats! What can I say…we’re impatient gals. 
  5. While the glue is drying you can start assembly on your next balloon, follow the same steps above with lace or vintage doilies. For the scalloped balls in the image above simply don’t glue the entire paper doily down, attaching just at the top like this creates a fringed effect. 
  6. Once your paint is dry stick a pin in the balloon to pop it and carefully remove. 
  7. Thread some twine or catgut through your decorations so you can hang them up and voila, you’re finished! 

Check out our Wedding DIY Pinterest board for more crafty inspiration! 

Original Image Credit / Graphic Design

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