So I have started applying gold leaf to Everything! Truly it's addictive and I blame the Christmas Craft Classes we had for starting me off. Here's a few images below to show you just how easy it is to use.



What you need:
Brush. x2
Clear Wax.
Gold Size.
Gold Leaf.

After I painted the table with Graphite Chalk paint & let dry over night I started with the gold leaf. I used a regular brush to apply a section of Gold Size ( which is like a really tacky glue) after leaving it for 10mins I started to apply the remnants of Gold & Silver leaf from our Christmas Craft Class. The remnants were kinda static so all I had to do was touch a brush off the leaf and it would attach to the brush. Then I gently tapped it down onto the glue making sure to put enough gold/silver leaf down that when I patted it, the brush didn't get covered in glue.

*Top Tip swap brushes halfway through( or clean and dry) as on big projects your brush will evidently get covered in glue making it awkward. Swap for a clean one to make it easier for you.

After the top was completely covered I let it dry over night and the next day finished it in Clear Wax. (I gave the top x2 coats) That's it really easy! More projects to come... probably with more gold leaf! Jen



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