Lots of people have been asking questions about waxing their Chalk Paint furniture & sometimes at the till, I may not be able to get all the info across so here are some of my top tips that help me get an even finish when using the Clear Wax from Annie Sloan.



1. Make sure whatever you have painted has dried completely. I try to paint one day, wax the next. Too many times I have waxed before it is completely dry and I have ended up with a mottled look (which sometimes actually looks great) but to be sure just wax the next day. 


2. Warm up the wax. If the wax is hard it is going to be harder to spread. Now I don't mean turn it to water. Just leave it in a warm room for a while, stick it on a window sill or pop a hair dryer on it for a few secs it will make all the difference when spreading it on.


3. Use a paint brush to apply. It is far quicker then a rag and a much more even finish. To clean brush after you can using washing up liquid directly on to the brush, massage it in and rinse off with hot water to dissolve the wax, repeat if necessary.

4. Only put a small amount of wax on your brush. Just enough to change the colour of the paint slightly. Remember you can always add more but if you put too much on you end up with white streaky marks.


5. After you have painted on the wax to an area the same size as an A4 sheet for example, you then use a lint free cloth (old pillowcase or old work shirt cut up into rags) to WIPE -not rub the excess (sometimes there are lumps of wax) off the piece of furniture. This is very karate kid. You paint on the wax, then wipe of excess with cloth.



6. When totally finished the piece come back with a larger lint free cloth and give it a buff all over. This means lightly move the cloth back & forth over the surface. This is enough to buff it up. No need to rub harshly & if you wish you can come back the next day and buff it up again to get your deserved finish. (The more you buff the more glossy it will be)




*If after you have buffed, it feels chalky at all you will need to add more wax but it is better to build it up then apply too much and have an uneven finish.


7. Use coasters if it's a side table. I was very silly and put a cup of tea down on a piece I had completed that morning leaving a mark. I never got back to fix it and continued to put cups of tea on it. The tea no longer leave stains as the wax hardens over time. If you want a hardier finish however I would recommend the Annie Sloan lacquer which is meant for floors but great on kitchen tables and kitchen cabinets.


****Remember the longer you are using the wax the softer it becomes. So as you come to the end of a piece it can be really easy to put too much on your brush without realising it and making it difficult to take the excess off evenly.



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