New bedlinen! Doesn't have to be expensive and really gives it a quick face lift. Even a throw can change the style and hide an unmade bed pretty quickly. Also they don't have to match either course if unlike me you're a minimalist and just wants to stick with white the idea of mis-matched floral and geometric prints may strike horror but of course all thses tips can all be interpreted to suit your style. 



New lighting can transform your room in a blink (get it). Especially when you're renting, changing the lampshade alone can make a huge difference. Also having multiple types of lighting, such as a table lamp, standard & a ceiling light will all give different moods to the room. If you only have a single ceiling light I highly recommend buying another form of lighting it will also create warmth which is much needed in an Irish winter.




You're going to think I'm mad but Flowers can make an impact too & cheer up any room! Again they don't have to be expensive, hand picked are as good as any but you will find they will spruce up the room and put a smile on your face!


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