As you may have already guessed I am completely obsessed with interiors whether it's a cool loft style, granny chic florals or rustic farmhouse. I follow heaps of blogs and crazy talented peeps when it comes to interiors -as much as I can feast my eyes on so I will be popping up every week blogs that are worth your time and will hopefully inspire you. Also it's worth saying if they have awesome blogs odds are that the Pinterest boards are also going to be stunning! 



First up is a cool blog by Emma Fexeus that boasts Scandinavia's oldest and most read blog. Emma also has over 120k followers on Pinterest too. An interior stylist, studied in St Martins and has even written a book which I will try get my hands on for the shop called Northern Delights, Scandinavian Homes, Interior & Design. 



Next is by Holly Becker. Super stylish and of course crazy talented Holly runs not only the blog but has E-courses in blogging and has taught to students all over the world. Holly now living in Germany updates this  colourful blog daily and has nearly 220k followers on Pinterest. 



Hailing from San Francisco Victoria Smith has created a fun and colourful blog with Only started in 2006 Victoria has a varied background in styling, advertising and writing resulting in a delicious blog you won't be able to take your eyes off. Pinterest followers are nearly at the 600k mark which translates to she's awesome go follow her! 



Hope you enjoy them all as much as I do! Jx

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