Big fan of to do lists here in the cottage, thought I would share mine for what to do in the Garden in September! I've also thrown in a few photos of what my garden will look like next Spring fingers crossed! I plan to document it as I go and hopefully by next year I will be eating a ton of veggies from my own garden! Extra veg may even make an appearance in the shop. *Please note the ridiculous confidence at this stage



1. Do a clean up. Cut back anything that has already finished blooming. My Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle) had finished flowering and looked really messy. I chopped the tops off over the weekend and the garden looks much cleaner now. Scraps can be popped into the compost heap.



2. I Love this time of year as you can start planting out your Spring bulbs! I can never decide what or where to plant, there are too many options. Planting in groups or clusters can always look very impressive though scattering bulbs give it a more 'Cottage Garden' feel and not too forced. Read the instructions on the packets and the sooner you plants the better! With tall plants such as Alliums, if you plants them together they can protect each other from the wind.



3. This time of year after you have done a quick tidy you might you have empty spaces between plants. Two great fillers are Sedum and Chrysanthemums. Both have multiple varieties so you can choose a colour that suits you. And this way you will extend your colour in the garden for another few weeks.


TOP TIP If you have Pumpkin in the garden.(Lucky you) Pop some wood or straw underneath it so the bottom doesn't rot! And make sure to clear any leaves blocking the sun getting to it.


4. Mint in a garden is fabulous. In the Summer it's terribly useful for making yourself a Mojito, but is just as lovely in the Winter for tea! Mint is a great herb for Winter just remember that it tends to take over, you could always pop it in a pot and into the soil to stop it spreading or leave it on the window sill.


5. To Plant. This month I'm going to plant spring onion seeds and winter lettuce which should be up pretty sharpish so will pop up photos as I go.They will need to be protected from the weather so rather than planting them into the ground I'm going to use wine boxes and pop them on my window sill.



Hope that keeps you busy! Any questions give me a shout and I will let you know how I am getting on in the garden makeover each month. For more images pop over to our Pinterest page 'Green Fingers' Jx




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