I have always been a fan of indoor plants whether I could keep them alive or not was a totally different issue! So here are a few tips that hopefully will see your Ficus grow into a monster!


1. Sunlight.

Obvious perhaps but not all plants are huge fans of lots of the sun. Ferns for example generally do better in indirect sunlight but Cacti, Succulents & Ficus love it. Just make sure to actually read that little tag that has info on it before binning it! (Totally guilty of this & I also tend to buy a plant if I like it rather than will it suit where I live!) But if you read the instructions it can really help and probably save you lots of plants not to mention money.

2. Draughts.

Popping your plants on the window sill is a great space saver, looks really cute, great for sunlight & handy for cooking but just make sure its not too breezy. I have seen many a dead or dying Ficus in a waiting room as it's right beside a door. (Draughts tend to dry out a plant quicker) So try position your house plant away from draughts it will thank you!



3. Water. You really have to know your plant and what it likes. Succulents for instance only need to be watered once a week, I usually pick a day (Sunday) when I water everything. Just a few drops are plenty, others though like my Rubber plant need a bit more. It's about 3ft big and I give it x2 cup fulls :) Very precise measurements here in Moss Cottage!


4. Pot Size. Succulents and Cacti can often have 'baby' plants which can be picked out leaving enough space for the parent plant. Others, the larger the plant pot the larger it will grow if well looked after. If you can't see the soil anymore that's a clue to re-plant! When re-planting cacti make sure to use suitable soil and not to damage or pinch the leaves which is easily done! With other plants you want to make sure not to go too big with the pot and remember old pots can be kept for new plants. Spring is usually the best time to re-pot as the plant is just about to enter the most vigorous time of growth. 



5. Humidity. That's the measure of water in the air. Plants need a good amount of humidity to help conserve water. You can help this along with mist spraying or if that isn't possible standing them on a gravel tray with water in it can help. Also grouping plants together can create their own micro climate increasing the humidity level. 


Hope these tips help, you will in no time be a Green Goddess!!! Anymore tips pop them in the comments below or questions! :) Find more images over on our Pinterest page

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