Yep back again with more tips and ideas you can hopefully put to some good use when you rent! If you ever have any questions give me a shout & I will do my best to answer with some mind blowing ideas!


I don't know about you but I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous orange carpet (I suspect the cheapest in the shop) throughout the whole house I rent and share with x4 others. There's pretty much not much you can do as asking to change flooring will get more of a reaction than a raised eyebrow but rugs do help. I have x2 large rugs and a runner in my room in an effort to block out the stunning aged orange carpet. It also means you can bring them with you when you do find/can afford your own place :) Just make sure you measure your space before you buy & remember you can always move them around if you ever get bored of them.




 Unless you're lucky enough to be in a period property most window sizes are standard. This means it's easy to pick up some pre-made curtains in your local haberdashery or large home-ware chain. It also means when you do move you can take them with you and they should fit some window in your new place! Just make sure to measure before you go and ask the shop assistants opinion they have probably heard it all and have most likely dabbled in interior design themselves if not studied it. Don't forget charity shops can be a great place to pick up great quality curtains if a little sun bleached. This however can be quickly remedied by a quick dye job or if you're handy with a needle & thread you could add a boarder to it with a contrasting print or colour! You might even be able to try out your Chalk Paint fabric dying here! Vintage lace or even shawls can make for quirky net curtains too that can be easily hung perhaps just half-way up the window instead of covering the whole thing.



This can be a tricky one. Firstly your landlord/agency doesn't have the time, money or cares about your interior design plans. So this is what you do. You have to make the decision as easy as possible for them. You will paint it, you will pay for the paint. In my experience it offers the landlord less reasons to object. Also I'm a fan of chevrons like the next person but keep it simple. Neutral tones like white, pale grey or dare I say it the beige family will get a quicker yes than electric blue but if you really want it run it by them or come up with a plan that you will paint your neon pink accent wall before you leave. It will immediately feel like a new place & not a magnolia rental! Cover skirting boards with masking tape but make sure to take it off while the paint is still wet otherwise if it has dried it will crack the paint and you might end up with an uneven edge.
Thanks for reading can't wait to hear about your projects! Jen x
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