Chalk Paint™ has to be the easiest way to give your furniture a makeover! There are however some helpful tips to increase your productivity & be 100% happy with the results. Any questions please email me, Facebook, Twitter or send a pigeon if you have a query! If I don't have the answer the fabulous folk in head office will and I will make sure to hunt down the info you need. 



#1. Clean the item before you paint it. I'm all about being quick, getting it done as I am very impatient. However I have made the mistake more than once of looking at a piece thinking 'ye it's clean' giving it a quick dust only to see the grease marks come up after I have painted it. To clean you can use sugar soap which is available in a wash, wipes etc in your local hardware store, washing-up liquid with warm water or recently a customer told me baking soda is fab -haven't used it myself yet but let me know how you get on it if you do! After it has been cleaned make sure it's dry & then you're good to go!





#2. Don't Over Brush. Chalk Paint™ will dry really quickly which is great but if you over brush it you may end up with little bits of paint in it as that's how quickly it will dry on you! To avoid this you can do x2 things #1. Paint quickly, this is what I do. Slap on the paint move it around if you don't get full coverage (depends on what type of surface you're painting) leave it for a few hours & finish it off with a second coat which will cover it perfectly. #2. Add water. Generally I only recommend this for second coat as the first coat has to grab onto something! Especially if you're painting a glossy surface. Make sure not to add water halfway through a coat of paint as it will change the texture of the paint leaving you with an uneven finish. You can either pour the paint into a separate container and add water to that (I always recommend a lunchbox) or pop in a few table spoons to a large tin. If you ever found it was too thin you can leave the lid off the paint for a while or pop it in the fridge to thicken up.


More to Come :) Any questions about your project let me know, Jen x




Anne said:

Many thanks for the tips about using chalk paint in my French kitchen. At last the “tango orange pine” cupboards are gone and I’ve pale duck blue with a subtle sheen. It looks great and it was so easy and quick to do. Paint spread well too, one pot (old white) and a tester of duck egg blue and I’ve used less than half of it. Leaving loads for more projects. Heading to a vide grenier tomorrow in the hope of finding some new pieces to renovate.

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