Decorating when you're a renter can be difficult. Not all landlords have the same rules, working with limited funds & if you know you will be moving on you're unlikely to want to spend your hard earned cash! I have put together some tips & a shopping list that might help personalise & add your own stamp. Hopefully making it feel less beige!


Shopping list item #1 -Blankets



Blankets. These are useful for a multitude of reasons. Firstly it's easy to find one or more that you like! If you prefer minimalist you can go for monochrome or like me you love colour you can bring in prints and different textures which can be easily changed if you get bored of them. That brown leather sofa that all rented apartments and flats seem to have can be easily hidden by them, you can add colour to your bedroom by popping it on the end of your bed or if again like me there is no headboard you can hang it above the bed like a wall hanging to create one.


#2 -Art, Prints, Photographs




Personalising your space. Using paintings, prints or photographs can transform your magnolia walls & adds personality. I know some landlords have crazy rules about putting holes in the walls but there are ways around this firstly you can stand paintings or framed pieces on a mantle piece if you have one starting with larger ones and then add a few small ones in front. Or what I do is use Velcro tabs which can be picked up in most hardware shops or even supermarkets. Trust me I have used these to hang heavy pieces ( I did use quite a few) but they work and they just peel off after without leaving a mark or peeling the paint. 


#3 -Mirrors



Mirrors. Mirrors are magic! You can spend as much or as little as you like (using chalk paint to give an old one a new lease of life is really easy & no waxing required) they will make your space feel much bigger and its also a nice piece to have in your collection for when you get your dream house!


#4 -Storage



Storage can always be an issue especially when renting. I find if you have pieces that serve dual purposes you save on space! Trunks that can hold your Christmas decorations but are also coffee tables! Ladders which are narrow enough not to take up space but can be handy in a bathroom for towels. Vintage suitcases that be stacked on top of a wardrobe but that also hold your handbag collection. Just because they are practicable doesn't mean they can't be fabulous too.


Lots more tips next week on how to decorate when you rent! Hope they help any questions pop them in the comments below! Have a great week, Jen.


All photos from our Pinterest boards :)


Suhala Carty

Suhala Carty said:

Great tips, I’m pretty good WEN it comes to imagination / decorating but it is hard WEN renting so I’m always looking for new tips. Thanks..

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