Merchandising Tips!

Posted: Jul 04 2014

1. Colour Blocking. A quick an easy way of making an impact. This can be applied to the shop window or in store.


2. Rule of 3. Using 3 items means you can stack them creating a triangle or pyramid. Triangles keep the eye moving from one area down to the next then back to the top!


3. Multiples. Creating a display using all the same items can give a great visual impact. The hat display or singer sewing machines are a great example.


4. Look up. Using every inch of space can be so important to small shops so hang items from the ceiling, build a shelf running around the top of the wall (yes your customer may not be able to reach but you can and it also a great display)


5. Props. Whether it's your wheelbarrow from your garden, a branch or giant cardboard cut-outs you painted creating a story with props can really bring your products alive & make your window very eye catching to your customer!

 *** And remember if display isn't your area of expertise there are plenty of art students, retail students and professional merchandisers that can come to your rescue!***

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  • Posted by Raychel on July 12, 2014

    Oh I love this post! Great pictures too. I saw you speak at the National Craft Showcase in the RDS in Jan, have been dying to take a trip down to Moss cottage ever since. xox

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