1. Make it Easy. Install 'Pin it' buttons on your webpage, this makes it easy for your customer to re-pin your images & creates original content. Pretty straight forward and Pinterest have fantastic step by step guides for this. 

2. Original Content. This is so important, 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins & you want to make sure you're pinning original images from your own site.  Entering the URL is super important so when Pinners click on the image it will lead them straight through to your page.

3. Photography. Certain types of photography get re-pinned more than others. Vertical pins, bright & colourful ones as they stand out against the white. Also longer descriptions outperform shorter ones!

4. Mix it Up! Whether you sell cosmetics or tool kits everyone loves a holiday! A holiday board is just an example of other boards you could pin to to increase your following and add more content to your boards. Others that can apply to most people are 'Funny' boards, anything to do with food, fitness or inspirational!

5. Engage. A really easy way of getting more followers is to simply comment on pins and respond to people when they comment on yours. Use Pinterest to interact with people not just to pin images & then forget them. 

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