Bullet Journal

Posted: Jun 08 2016

I'm really sorry for introducing you to these bad boys if you haven't tried them yet! I needed something before my Bando journal starts in August. Enters the Bullet Journal which can have as many lists as you like and or as little. It's basically a normal notebook which let's face it if you're anything like me you probably have a dozen at home just waiting for the appropriate reason to use! Have a peek at the photos below for some inspiration #obsessed

 Start with writing out the months dates on 1 page then beneath you can make a little list of big events, plans or birthdays happening that month. Then you can make a list of your goals for that month including money you want to save, projects you want to start, books to want to read or people you want to meet. Then you decide how you layout each day. You can use x4 pages for 1 day or half a page whatever suits you. I just started and love it already, I'm also doodling as I go and making lots of lists too which I love :)


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